Saving Money at Stanford

Today’s blog post is about saving money at school! It’s an awesome resource with some solid options for how to keep your spending down while at Stanford. It covers a wide variety of ways to save money, but it is not at all an exhaustive list. Matt Wojtaszek, student advisory board member of Stanford’s Mind […]

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Fitness and Recreation at Stanford!

Hey everyone! We’re back with another video, this time touching on some of the fun fitness and recreation options at Stanford. Don’t worry, there are plenty of choices for a wide variety of preferences. First and foremost, there are two recreation centers: the Arrillaga Center for Sports and Recreation and the Arrillaga Outdoor Education and […]

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Introductions Using Pronouns

Hey young trees, As you may have noticed in our “Meet the OCs” video, we introduce ourselves by including which pronouns we prefer to use. This may seem strange to you (like it did to me), as many areas of the country and world do not practice this form of introduction. We do this because […]

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