I Am Stanford: Brittany Edition!

“I am a first-year student at Stanford.” To think I said those words almost two years ago is still crazy to me. The experiences, memories, and friendships that I’ve made since then are like none other. I wouldn’t change anything I’ve been through because it helped shape the person I am today. As a Stanford […]

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I AM STANFORD: Marissa Edition

The Value of Positivity TLDR: take time to focus on the people and interests that make you happiest Your first year will be a whirlwind of moments spent bonding with new friends, exploring your passions (and the campus 🙂 ), experiencing different emotions, thriving in classes, working hard on a team or in an organization, […]

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I Am Stanford: Walker Edition!

Dear soon-to-be-Stanford students – It’s 2:00 AM here in Palo Alto as I write this letter, an hour I am no stranger to (and like it or not, unless you’re one of those zany “morning people”, you’ll become very familiar with this hour as well once you get to campus). The more I reflect on […]

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Hear from Community Coordinators!

Hello everyone! The “I Am Stanford” posts from the NSO Community Coordinators (CC) are beginning to be put up! What is a Community Coordinator? What even is a community? All relevant questions. Do not fret, I got you. So, there are ten communities that host orientation programs for incoming students: Asian American New Student Orientation Committee […]

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