A Personal Story on IntroSems

Hey everyone, With the deadline for Introductory Seminar applications quickly approaching, we know there’s a lot of interest in whether or not to even apply. Below is a speech written by Meghan Shea about a remarkable experience she had with an IntroSem. She gave this speech during Admit Weekend, so you may have already heard […]

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I Am Stanford: Walker Edition!

Dear soon-to-be-Stanford students – It’s 2:00 AM here in Palo Alto as I write this letter, an hour I am no stranger to (and like it or not, unless you’re one of those zany “morning people”, you’ll become very familiar with this hour as well once you get to campus). The more I reflect on […]

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Saving Money at Stanford

Today’s blog post is about saving money at school! It’s an awesome resource with some solid options for how to keep your spending down while at Stanford. It covers a wide variety of ways to save money, but it is not at all an exhaustive list. Matt Wojtaszek, student advisory board member of Stanford’s Mind […]

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