I Am Stanford: Brittany Edition!

“I am a first-year student at Stanford.” To think I said those words almost two years ago is still crazy to me. The experiences, memories, and friendships that I’ve made since then are like none other. I wouldn’t change anything I’ve been through because it helped shape the person I am today. As a Stanford […]

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Stanford TREEditions!

Being on-campus for nine months at a time is a feat, but there are tons of things going on: events, shows, fundraisers, parties, and more! Here are some of the popular traditions that students always work into their schedules.   Year-Round: Rally Gear: Truly a necessity here at Stanford. You’ll find yourself needing rally for various […]

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I AM STANFORD: Marissa Edition

The Value of Positivity TLDR: take time to focus on the people and interests that make you happiest Your first year will be a whirlwind of moments spent bonding with new friends, exploring your passions (and the campus 🙂 ), experiencing different emotions, thriving in classes, working hard on a team or in an organization, […]

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A Personal Story on IntroSems

Hey everyone, With the deadline for Introductory Seminar applications quickly approaching, we know there’s a lot of interest in whether or not to even apply. Below is a speech written by Meghan Shea about a remarkable experience she had with an IntroSem. She gave this speech during Admit Weekend, so you may have already heard […]

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